Tephra Canvas Crossbody

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This durable every day bag is made from US grown/milled natural cotton canvas and is screen printed with water based inks in black. Some variation in ink color/density will occur due to the handmade nature of the bag. We believe this makes each bag beautifully unique.


-Reinforced Grey linen liner with a generous 8”X 6” interior pocket. -Bag measures approx 12”X14” -Genuine deep brown leather strap with slide adjuster to ensure the perfect fit (approx 40”-54”) with brass hardware. Riveted by hand.

Each design is first rendered onto paper with pens and ink, then hand printed onto fabric using a traditional silkscreen print method. Every step of the process is done in our studio in Seattle. This bag has a nice slouch to it.


The form collection is the manifestation of internal and external landscape. It is the act or process of being formed. Emergence, resilience and alignment within ourselves and our surroundings. Heavily inspired by the landscapes I've experienced, each pattern takes the name of a physical geological formation or part of the formation's process

Tephra: fragments of igneous rock and lava of any size that have been blown into the air by the force of a volcanic eruption.